"Scholastic Awards"

Higher Education Assistance Program

The Instituteís Higher Education Assistance Program (HEAP) is a scholarship that is awarded each year based on resources available. Scholarships are awarded to students with physical and/or learning disabilities that are transitioning into higher education who meet the application and performance criteria. The HEAP Scholar Award includes the Academic Assistance (tutoring).

The DREAM Institute HEAP Scholar Award Scholarship
The DREAM Institute has established a scholar award for Oklahoma students with physical and/or learning disabilities that are pursuing a higher education degree at an Oklahoma in state college or university (see eligibility below). Students must be enrolled as a full time student.
The scholarship program can provide funds for:
  • Tuition
  • Fees
  • Books
  • Dorm Fees
Scholarship amounts are based on the studentís financial need and is intended to fill the gap where funding is lacking per semester. While the scholarship program is awarded for two or four year programs, eligibility is reviewed annually based on performance at the discretion of the scholarship committee. If selected as a DREAM Institute Scholar, the scholar is eligible to receive tutoring (academic) assistance services and the funding of the service is at the discretion of the scholarship committee. (Note: scholarships are for tuition, fees, books, and/or additional funding are at the discretion of the HEAP Scholarship Selection Committee)
In addition, the recipient will participate in an orientation workshop designed to equip the student with the basics on what they will need to know and do as they begin their academic career in higher education. Some of the orientation curriculum will include: note taking and study skills, goal attainment, institute expectations, career and personality assessments, disclosing his/her disability, and how to use techniques in regard to transition.